Source Object

The following properties define a source object:

source_idstring758fbda4-accc-4f90-8f09-cc0a164c8c28 Source ID in UUID form. Read-Only.
ownerarray["jd123456"]Array of user IDs with owner permissions on the source. Automatically assigned.
created_atstring2015-07-04T10:20:00ZTimestamp at moment of creation. Read-Only.
created_bystringav012345User who created the source. Read-Only.
updated_atstring2015-12-25T10:20:00ZTimestamp at moment of update. Read-Only.
updated_bystringjd123456User who last updated the source. Read-Only.
namestringMy sourceSource name.
descriptionstringA superb sourceMetadata source description.
secretstringf8a9f620-e0e6-470b-a6b8-1f16b003c034Secret key used when streaming data to the Ingest API. Automatically assigned and visible only to the owner. Read-Only.
statestring1Source state: enabled or disabled. Automatically assigned. To change, delete an item.
productionbooleanfalseProduction state of the source, which is set to true when an assigned target is locked. Is inherited from the associated target resource. Read-Only.
source_typestringRESTSource type: REST or MQTT. No value defaults to REST.
subscription_infoobject{"broker": "ssl://localhost:8883", "topic": "My MQTT topic", "private_key" : \"XX...\", "certificate : \"YY...\"}MQTT subscription information containing broker URL and topic, and optionally a private key and security certificate. Applicable only if source type is MQTT.

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