Teradata Listener Overview

Listener continuously monitors incoming data streams, gathers metadata, and shows metrics for data flow over time, such as latency, number of records, and size of records. The Listener Dashboard (Overview) provides a visual representation of your data pipelines and provides options for managing sources, targets, systems, and more. The Data Source Dashboard provides a visual representation of ingested records, ingested volume, list of targets, list of broadcast streams, and source information, which provides options for managing owners, changing system descriptions, managing the secret key, and identifying and deleting the created date.

Listener withstands service interruptions in target systems by buffering data until the system comes back online. Listener also shows trends in data flow from sources and detects variances that may indicate problems upstream. Listener supports up to 10,000 active sources, 10,000 active systems, and 10,000 active targets.

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