Teradata Listener Ingest is a micro-service that receives and pushes data into the Listener data pipeline to stream to a target. Ingest is the only way to send data to a Listener instance.

Increasing the number of Ingest instances increases the rate that data loads into Listener, but not the rate that Listener processes the data.

Listener's micro-services platform manages the automatic scaling of micro-services based on a pre-configured resource utilization profile. Ingest is the only scalable micro-service, which is configurable by Listener administrators.

The auto-scaling paradigm for each supported micro-service is configured by an administrator who sets the maximum number of micro-service replicas using either the API or UI. Administrators cannot change the minimum setting for Ingest instances.

nameAutoScaler name.
max_replicasMaximum instances Ingest-services can scale up to.
min_replicasMinimum instances Ingest-services can scale down to.
current_replicasNumber of currently running instances of Ingest-services.
last_scale_timeTimestamp of when the ingest-service was scaled up or down.
replicas_availableTotal number of replicas available (calculated based on resources available).

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