System Object

Properties used to define a system object are as follows:

system_idstring9dda5570-70e0-45be-8449-83f33320cd08System ID. Listener assigns and Read-Only.
ownerarray["jd123456"]Array of users IDs with owner permissions. Is automatically assigned if not declared.
created_atstring2015-07-04T10:20:00ZTimestamp of moment of creation. Listener assigns. Read-Only.
created_bystringav012345User ID that created the system. Listener assigns. Read-Only.
updated_atstring2015-12-25T10:20:00ZTimestamp when last updated. Listener assigns. Read-Only.
updated_bystringjd123456User ID that last updated the system. Listener assigns. Read-Only.
namestringMy Data SystemSystem name.
descriptionstringA superb data systemSystem description.
system_typestringteradataSystem type.
system_infoobject{ "login": "ip112233", "port": "8080" }Connection information object. Contents may vary by system type.
statestring1System state: enabled or disabled. Is automatically assigned if not declared. Is changed by deleting an item.
propertiesobject"zookeeper_host":""Additional properties that might be used by this system type.

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