LDAP Setting Object

Properties used to define a LDAP setting object are as follows:

base_dnstringou=Users,DC=ldap,DC=web,DC=comLDAP compliant Base DN for performing searches.
email_fieldstringmailMap LDAP property for user email.
encryptionstringtlsEncryption method for connecting to the LDAP server: tls or none.
member_of_fieldstringmemberOfMap LDAP property for user member field.
namestringmy LDAP serverCustom name of LDAP server.
name_fieldstringdisplay_nameMap LDAP property for user name.
portint389LDAP server port.
search_passstringsecret123Password of search user. Returns encrypted value.
search_userstringcn=ab123456,ou=Users,DC=ldap,DC=web,DC=comFull DN of user who is used to search.
serverstringldap.web.comLDAP server address.
test_cnstringip123456Test user name to validate connection. Not returned by API or stored.
validate_sslboolfalseOption to validate LDAP encryption certificate.

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